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  • Kiyotaka Inner Harmony Sound Healing (1 Hour) Services
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         Inner Harmony Sound Healing            
$150/hr session
Saturdays, Sundays 3-5pm

Have you been feeling different from people around you?
・Have you been acting differently from others since you are a child?
・Have you been feeling anxious and fearful?

This sound healing is for you, if your answers to some of these questions are YES, or if in a deep within, you know you are a star being (also known as star people and starseeds).

Sound healing with voice and Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls can bring a person’s mind into the present moment and to discharge stress from the nervous system. Together with interwork, it creates new patterns of consciousness and subtle energy development for unlocking your own healing ability in a relaxed state. The session maybe incorporated with Innerwork of Qigong, Yoga Nidra and/or creative movement exercise.

This healing may help you in:

・Strengthening of will, courage and emotional imbalance
・Relieving anxiety and supporting your emotional healing process 
・Soothing the separation of consciousness
・Developing and heightening spiritual awakening in physical reality
・Encouraging inner harmony and softly opening the heart
・Energising innate love core
・Enhancing psychic and channelling abilities
・Re-discovering who you truly are in the time of awakening

This one-to-one session usually starts with checking in with you followed by counselling and healing session. It can be conducted in English, Japanese or Mandarin Chinese.

Experience and explore the body, mind and soul with his session to empower your life.

Package Deal: $390 for 3 sessions (U.P. $450)

To enquire, call us at 6451-3418 or SMS 8498-7653 during office hours (3-9pm on weekdays, 12-8pm on weekends)

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Audrey Agcaoili

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